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  • Šibenik
  • Šibenik
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  • Šibenik
The historic city teeming with life is much more than you expect.

Šibenik, located in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, stands out for its unique position in the wide bay at the delta of the river Krka, one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers. The landscape of Šibenik reveals the unique harmony of the urban characteristic of the city and its natural environment.

The symbol of the city is Jacob's Cathedral, entirely made of stone. It was being built over a hundred years. Along with many other forts and buildings it is a testimony to the rich history of the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic coast.

City of Šibenik is cultural, educational, administrative and economic center of the county, and is close to national parks Kornati and Krka. Kornati National Park, the most developed island system in the Adriatic, suitable for boat tours, as well as sailing, diving, and many other activities. Krka National Park consists of river Krka with its beautiful waterfalls, a multitude of plant and animal species, and the natural and historical monuments. Park can be visited by boat, dirt roads and by foot. Numerous attractions are open for visitors - ethnological collection, mills, gift shop ..

In addition, there is the proximity of other destinations with various attractions - rural tourism, gastronomic offer, sports activities and diverse entertainment, while in Šibenik you can enjoy a rich cultural heritage, numerous events and unforgettable nightlife.



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