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Skver Tours offers a variety of cars for rent, from smaller city cars to comfortable limousines.



1) To rent a car needs to be older then 21,having a driver's licenece for at least two years.

The rental car can be operated only by persons specified in the Rental Agreement. The authorized driver mustn't be under the influence of alcohol,drugs or drugs while driving.

2) The vehicle must not be used in the carriage of goods and passengers, for any competition and speed test, to propel or tow any other vehicle or objects beyond roads I,II or III class. When the vehicle is overloaded additional luggage

must be in relation to allowed weight in the official documentation of the vehicle.

3) Delivery and return of the rented  vehicle:

All the time vehicle is in inalienable property of rent-a car. The leese will return the vehicle in a good condition together with all the equippment as received.

In case of delay the lesee pays the charge of delay in official price list.

4) Changing time in the lease: The lessee must notify the property of rent- a car one da yin advance. Rental extension must be approved by ownership. In case of failure to meet this requirement it is considered that the the lessee is appropiated and authorized in taking necessery measures.

5) Fuel is not included into rental price. The vehicle must be returned with a full tank. In the opposite the property of rent a car services will complement the fuel tank at  average daily cost of fuel, and for dispensing service charge 20.00 HRK.

6) Reservations are accepted for a minimum rental period one day. Reservations are valid for a minimum rental period of one day. Reservations are valid after the advance payment by the lessee. Reservations will be concidered cancelled

if the lessee fails to take the vehicle after the expiry of one hour of the agreed takeover,without compensation to the renter.

7) It does not take the deposit. The lessee is obliged, in the office ownerships to leave one document ( identity card or passport) instead  of deposits. Document of renter remains in office untill the end of the lease. On the return of the vehicle,document also returns.

8) The lessee is obliged to take care of the vehicle and regulary rewiev status of all fluids and tire pressure in the vehicle. Renter is responsable for all damage caused by insufficient maintance.

9) In the case of any failure or damage in the vehicle ( including a flat tire) the lessee bears the cost of 200€. For and damge or malfunction over 200€ repair cost shall be borne by the property of rent- a car.

10) The vehicle is equipped with the necessery documents. It is forbiden to cross the state border of Republic of Croatia without the consent of the rent-a car.

11) Personal insurance is included into price. The lessee is secured in the case of death and body injury provoked by vehicles.

12) All vehicles are insured up to the amount of insurance policy.

13) Any damage caused to the rented vehicle and above 200€ pays lessee if in any case violated the contract terms.

14) Insurance in any case does not cover the lower parts of the vehicle such as tires, fuel tank....

In the case if this type of cost of repair or replacement shall be paid by the lessee.

15) A fire or theft: the lessee is responsable for loss or damage to the rental vehicle if the fire or theft occured due to the fault or gross negligence, or if the lessee in any case violated the condition terms.

16) Any accident lessee must inform the police and rent- a car property. It is necessary to fill the form report which is located in the vehicle and served without delay of property of rent a car. The lessee agreed to cooperate with the ownership in investigation and proceedings concerning to the accident.

17) Loss of property: Property of rent-a car is not responsable for any loss of personal issues which the renter left in the car,service car or bussines premisses of rent-a car.

18) All employes of rent-a car services shall have the right to control the vehicle at any time.In case that is found out that the lessee does not respect the condition terms can take the vehicle without compensation to the renter.

19) Traffic violations: The renter is responsable for all traffic violations during  and after the expiry of teh lease, if the ofensee was committed at the time of the rental. The final calculation depend of the judicial costs.

20) Ownership is responsable for other possible damage to the lessee. The lessee signing of the lease agreements explicitly gives up any possible lawsuits or proceedings under the property of rent- a car.

21) By signing the contract the lessee explicitly accepts these general conditions of the lease, and in the case of dispute we inform the court in Zadar.










VW MOVE UP osobe 5 places
places: 5
64.00 €
VW GOLF osobe 5 places
places: 5
82.00 €
Škoda Fabia osobe 0 places
places: 0
Insurance (5€/day) is included in the price
Discount for 3 days and more
68.00 €
VW Passat osobe 0 places
places: 0



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