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You never dived before and you would like to do an introduction dive? We will be happy to show you the underwater world of Adriatic Sea.

 You couldn't choose better location to go to Scuba diving in Croatia, than Biograd. We can arrange a complete diving holiday for you. As more people learn about the beauty place of the Croatian coastline, more divers are visiting Biograd to explore our wildlife and coral reefs or going wreck diving.


Full day trips include 2 dives and start at 08:30 AM. The journey time to the dive sites takes usually between 15 minutes and 45 minutes. As some dive spots are depending on weather conditions, the dive sites of the day are discussed in the morning between the captain and the instructor. You are welcome to express wish and they will take attention to it. All  dive trips are always accompanied with a diving guide who will give you a detailed briefing before every dive. Between the dives we are going to a beautiful island, so  you can  refresh yourself with a drink in the nearest restaurant.

After the nice rest we make 2nd dive and after the dive we are going back to the diving center around 14:30 PM.

Since we put safety first, boat is equipped with medical emergency equippment (oxygen, first aid kit) and mobile phone.


Minimum age: 8 years                                                                                                                     

Hours:  1,5 - 2.                                                                                                                                    

Place : House Bay/Boat    

An introduction dive is a way to get acquainted with the underwater world. Under professional instructor you take a look underwater and experience a feeling that you will never forget. Upon arrival your instructor will be ready for fitting your diving equipment and then explain the basics of diving.

After half an hour of explaining instructor will take you to the water where he will do three short exercises. Through these exercises you are more familiar with your equipment and you feel more comfortable in the water.

Then you make a slow descent under the guidance of your dive instructor. During the dive, the instructor ensures that you are completely relaxed so that you can fully enjoy your time underwater. Because ˝Just Dive Croatia˝ allows only two people per instructor, he has plenty of time to make your dive as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. The dive takes only 20-30 minutes and will then start your ascent. Once you have arrived at the surface, you have made a unique experience.

You need to make a reservation for an introduction dive. This can be done up to 3 days in advance. If you still want to dive last minute, you can always call.

A medical certificate must be completed prior to the dive. All questions must be answered with NO. If this is not the case, then it is advisable to contact us. A visit to the general practitioner may then be necessary.


The Scuba Diver / Open Water Diver Course is a great "beginning” but is more challenging as you will become an autonomous diver. 

The international certification you will attain enables you to dive (without the requirement of being accompanied by a diving professional) with a dive buddy to a maximum depth of 18 meters (60 feet).

Minimum age : 12 years                                                                                                          

Days: 5 or 6 days                                                                                                                         

Theory modules : 11 / you can prepare your 11 theory modules add home                         

Waterman ship skills: 2                                                                                                          

Confined water dives: 4                                                                                                          

Open water dives  :4        


The Advanced Open Water Diver course represents the second level of training, thanks to which you will learn to manage some special activities such as exploring deeper and navigating with and without a compass. You may also learn to search and salvage objects, dive in a current, dive on wrecks, in conditions of poor visibility, or at night. The international certification you will attain certifies you to dive, with a dive buddy, to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet).

Minimum age: 12 years                                                                                                                      

Days: 2 days                                                                                                                            

Open water dives: 5


The Scuba Rescue Diver course is one of the best ways of learning how to deal with diving emergencies. However, in the PSS training system there are two other courses dedicated to rescue: First Aid - CPR and Oxygen in Diving Emergency. The first has general applications, while the second deals with the administration of normobaric oxygen to an injured diver. These three courses are therefore complementary and designed to deal with all the possible scenarios of any type of diving emergency.

Minimum age : 15 years                                                                                                                     

Days: 3-5                                                                                                                                        

Theory modules: 12 / you can prepare your 12 theory modules 

Open water dives : 4                                                                                                       

Scenarios: 2                     



By continuing your training, you will learn increasingly complex skills and techniques until you become a skilled diver. If you have necessary requirements, you can become a diving professional: Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Scuba Instructor. these internationally recognized professional qualifications certify you to accompany or train divers anywhere in the world. PSS Scuba Instructors with the necessary experience and competence can take up a teaching career and train diving instructors by qualifying as a Technical Instructor or becoming an Emergency Instructor.




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